Cleaning Procedure


Wallmounted type General Cleaning Procedure

Test Run Aircon

1. Conduct test-run on cool mode ensuring all mechanical components are functioning before commencing Servicing.

Dismantle Exterior

2. Dismantle external Casing and Air filters

Dismantle Interior

3. Dismantle Drainage pan, disconnect drain hose for flushing of drainage pipe line utilizing High powered Suction vacuum.

Dismantle Fan Blower

4. Carefully unscrew motor shaft screw and dismantle Fan Blower.

Cleaning of Interior Housing

5. Wipe and clean the blower housing. Utilize high suction vacuum to flush drainage hose from Fan Coil side.

Apply Chemical

6. Apply Alkaline Coil Cleaner Chemical (Bleach if neccessary) and carefully scarb on fan blowers, drainage tray and air filters, and other components to cleanse accumilated dirt, soil and debris throughly.

Dry Clean

7. Dry Clean and assembling of Internal and External Components. Ensure all mechanical components are fully functional.


8. Ensure all components are assembled properly. Check for any noise during operation. Dry Clean after all assembly is completed.

Inspect Condenser Unit

9. Inspect the Condensing unit running condition. Check the Outdoor Evaporator Coil for any dust/debris. Test run, commissioning and Checking of Refrigerant level and operational condition.

Flush Drainage Pipe

10. Flushing of drainage discharging outlet. Ensure no clogging within drainage line.

Final Check

11. Final checking and ensuring all AC is in good operational condition.

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